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Gifts for Children from Low-Income Families

Our journey with the annual holiday event for kids began in 2016 at the Multnomah Library. Starting modestly, we assembled 60 gifts for children from underserved families with the aid of local partners. Each year marked our growth, expanding our partnerships with more businesses and organizations. In 2017, we moved to a larger venue to serve over 100 kids, and by 2018, we reached out to over 200 children. However, the onset of the pandemic posed new challenges. Despite these hurdles, we persisted in our mission. In 2019, though on a smaller scale, we continued to support children and their families through our partners and volunteers. The Slavic Community Center of NW provided not just presents but also food, PPE, and utility assistance to the most vulnerable families. This year, we carried on this tradition, serving over 150 kids, bringing joy and vital resources to their families.


This initiative, part of the “Gifts for Children from Low-Income Families” program by the Slavic Community Center, continued in 2023. Far from being just a day’s event, it was the result of uncountable hours of dedication and hard work by our volunteers and staff throughout December. Preparing for this event demanded immense effort as volunteers spent numerous hours meticulously selecting and wrapping each gift, ensuring each child felt special. We thoughtfully matched gifts to over 150 children’s individual needs and preferences, demonstrating our community’s commitment to profoundly impacting these young lives.

We owe immense gratitude to our sponsors, whose support was instrumental to our initiative’s success. Their contributions enhanced the festive spirit and were pivotal in bringing together various suppliers, each adding value with their support and services. This collective effort from local businesses, educational institutions, and medical organizations created a supportive and joyful environment for both children and their families.

The time spent wrapping gifts fostered a sense of community and purpose, with volunteers from diverse backgrounds sharing stories and experiences, creating bonds that extended beyond the event. This feeling of community enveloped the event, as families were immersed in an atmosphere of warmth and generosity.

The event itself was dynamic and engaging, featuring stalls and activities from our suppliers that offered more than gifts – they provided essential information and resources to assist families in various life aspects. From educational materials to healthcare information, the range of support was extensive and well-received.

The “Gifts for Children from Low-Income Families” initiative in 2023 was not just an event but a vibrant testament to community spirit, volunteerism, and generosity. It showcased how combined efforts from dedicated individuals and supportive sponsors can significantly impact those in need, especially during the festive season. This initiative brought joy to children and strengthened community bonds, leaving a lasting impression on all involved.

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