Established in 2011 by local community leaders and businessmen. Our fundamental goal – help members of this community become fully functional, well-integrated in this country: education, health and wellness, social services, business development, career growth while preserving their heritage.


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Multicultural Kids Festival

International Kids Festival is a celebration of different cultures that live in East county. The event will focus on children and their families and would create a platform for different communities to show their culture and heritage. SCC of NW would reach out to different communities and ask them to perform traditional songs, dances, put together performances and showcase their unique heritage. The event would also help build relationships with different communities and allow other organizations to have direct reach to underserved and underrepresented communities of color. The goal is to have an event that will be attractive to younger generations as well as to people who want to experience different cultures; try new food, listen to songs in different languages, dances and see art from local youth.

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