Established in 2011 by local community leaders and businessmen. Our fundamental goal – help members of this community become fully functional, well-integrated in this country: education, health and wellness, social services, business development, career growth while preserving their heritage.


Supporting the community through various programs

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Community Engagement and Outreach

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Empowering the community to take leadership

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Our Mission

Slavic Community Center of NW, Inc, a local 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our fundamental goal – help members of this community become fully functional, well-integrated part of the society in every aspect of their life in this country: education, employment, health and wellness, social services, business development, career growth, legal assistance, etc. while preserving their cultural heritage.

Social Sector

Aims to spread information about government and public social programs that help and provide for the most vulnerable members of our community. We also aim to connect other members of our community who are in need of material or psychological help with the appropriate resources.

Business Sector

Provide information about various government and non-government programs that focus of small and medium sized business development with help of investments and subsidies. Assist with the search of goods and services, not only within the Slavic community, but also beyond. Organize various entrepreneurial and networking events (trade shows, seminars and business meetings) resulting in exchange of experience and establishing professional contacts.

Educational Sector

The goal of this department is to introduce members of Slavic community to opportunities to take part in various educational programs such as English classes. In addition, we give attention to Russian and Ukrainian language and cultural education, especially important for those who were born in the USA.

Informational Sector

We have successfully launched this sector, which focuses on presenting factual and time sensitive information about life and events of the slavic community and the region: news, interviews, television shows. The video production of the programs are broadcasted online at, on the “Slavic Family Studio” Youtube Channel and on the satellite Channels CNL & TBNRussia. In addition to the video production, the Slavic community center is proud to announce the widespread popularity of the Slavic Family newspaper featuring articles pertaining to news, local events, advice, historical and cultural preservation as well as announcements. This newspaper is distributed across four states’ (Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Missouri) community centers, stores and libraries.

Slavic Community Center of NW

Organization set up to provide help for those in need


We are always looking for good people. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to help support the underserved and underrepresented Slavic community.