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Empowering East Portland: Traffic Safety Education for Slavic/Eastern European Communities

In 2020, prior to the global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization recognized a vital need in East Portland – enhancing traffic safety education among the Slavic and Eastern European communities. These community members faced significant barriers, including language obstacles and limited access to crucial information about traffic law changes and pedestrian safety. This gap not only left many uninformed but also increased the risk of traffic hazards.

Our proactive partnership with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and the invaluable assistance of Sharon White from PBOT paved the way for tailored educational initiatives. We ventured into the streets of East Portland, engaging directly with the community to demystify traffic and pedestrian laws in a way that was both accessible and impactful.

As our efforts gained momentum, we were thrilled to expand our program. This included hiring a dedicated staff member focused on bridging these disparities. This expansion was bolstered by support from the Oregon Department of Transportation, a testament to the program’s significance and potential.

Our multi-faceted approach included:

  • Creating Educational Videos for Kids: In collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation, we produced engaging videos tailored for children, focusing on pedestrian safety and traffic laws.
  • Translating Educational Materials: We translated a child-friendly coloring book into Ukrainian and Russian, ensuring language inclusivity and broader reach.
  • Hosting Workshops: Our team conducted numerous workshops across the region, spreading awareness and education on traffic safety.

This initiative has not only educated children attending local public and private schools but also fostered a safer community environment. With continuous changes and improvements in traffic regulations, the need for such educational programs is more evident than ever.

Below, we invite you to view one of our educational videos, a glimpse into our efforts to make East Portland safer for everyone.

The journey towards creating safer, informed communities continues, and your support is invaluable. Stay engaged with our ongoing efforts and be part of this transformative journey.

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