Established in 2011 by local community leaders and businessmen. Our fundamental goal – help members of this community become fully functional, well-integrated in this country: education, health and wellness, social services, business development, career growth while preserving their heritage.


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Job Opportunities

Hey, Portland community! The Slavic Community Center of NW is excited to share a fantastic initiative that aims to uplift our vibrant Slavic and refugee community in the Portland metro area. Every week, we’re unveiling new job opportunities that are tailor-made and relevant for individuals eager to make a meaningful impact. These positions are meant to be accessible for individuals with little to no English proficiency, emphasizing inclusivity and equal opportunities.

Here’s a glimpse of the opportunities awaiting you this week:

  1. Cashier
    Natural Grocers
    Full-time/ Part-time/ Gresham, OR
    $17.00 per hour

  2. Cake Decorator
    Costco (NE 138th)
    Full-time/ Part-time/ Portland, OR
    $19.50 to $29.90 per hour

  3. Produce Clerk
    WinCo Foods
    Full-time/ Part-time/ Portland, OR

  4. Cook
    New Seasons Market
    Full-time/ Happy Valley, OR
    $16.90 to $19.32 per hour

At the Slavic Community Center, we believe in creating opportunities that empower and uplift our community members. If you or someone you know is looking for meaningful work, these positions might be the perfect fit.

Let’s spread the word, share with a friend, and collectively build a stronger community! Do you have job opportunities to share? We encourage you to email to feature them here!

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